Zebra R170Xi RFID Printer

Built on the solid, tested XiIIIPlus platform, the R170Xi – for six-inch labels –offers an unprecedented level of on-demand printing flexibility in tag placement as well as unique features such as XML for seamless integration into enterprise systems, automatic calibration, flexible inlay positioning, multiple power levels, statistics tracking, easier RFID programming and more detailed information through the front panel display. The R170Xi features the ThingMagic RFID reader module which offers the flexibility needed to guarantee a simple, cost-free upgrade path to emerging RFID protocols. The R170Xi supports currently available protocols, including EPC Gen 1 Class 1, EPC Gen 1 Class 0, EPC Gen 2 Class 1, Matrics 0+, ISO18000-06, and Philips UCODE 1.19. Because the printer/encoder is firmware upgradeable to support new protocols, users are assured that they can seamlessly upgrade to future RFID protocols as needed



  • Integrated ThingMagic UHF RFID Reader/Encoder for EPC Class 1, EPC Class 0, Matrics’ 0+, ISO18000-06B
  • EPC “Gen2” via firmware update
  • Place transponders virtually anywhere within a smart label
  • Automatic program position selection for optimal transponder placement
  • Label Tracking
  • Maximum read/write flexibility for small label printing
  • XML-enabled printing
  • Print methods: Thermal transfer or direct thermal
  • Construction: 12-gauge steel frame
  • ZebraLink Solutions
  • Single 32 bit 133 MHz RISC processor
  • 16 MB SDRAM; 4 MB non-volatile Flash memory
  • Advanced media/ribbon counter
  • Enhanced Alert notification – monitors printhead condition
  • 300 unique darkness settings
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Serial and parallel ports
  • Multilingual backlit LCD display
  • PCMCIA socket
  • Transmissive and reflective media sensors
  • Multi-level Element Energy Equalizer (E3) for superior print quality
  • CompactFlash (up to 1 GB memory) for added label format/font storage
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