Zebra Barcode

Zebra Barcode Supplies for Businesses in Edison, Trenton, Newark, Camden, Allentown and Nationwide

Zebra barcodeZebra barcode products are widely known for their ability to make sharp and rugged labels for any business application. They’re so trusted that over 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies use them for their barcoding needs. And when companies like Johnson & Johnson, Merck, IBM and many others need to get their Zebra supplies, they trust Tri-State Business Systems. As a Zebra advanced partner, we can rapidly fill any order for Zebra labels and other products. We also provide knowledgeable advice on what combinations of these products can work for your business. Whether you’re running a large warehouse in Secaucus or a pharmaceutical research firm in Edison, we can design a system that helps you takes advantage of the Zebra barcode products that can benefit you.

Tri-State Business Systems designs Zebra barcoding solutions that can create a wide range of specialty labels, including:


  • Heat-resistant labels
  • Chemical-resistant labels
  • Sterilized labels
  • Test tube labels
  • Autoclave labels
  • And many more


Unfortunately, the wrong combinations of backing, ribbon and printers can make labels that smear, fade or not produce any image at all, leaving you with a load of expensive barcode supplies that are worthless to you. When you hire Tri-State Business Systems to create your Zebra barcode system, we thoroughly research your needs and always give you samples to test so you’ll never waste money on the wrong supplies. We can even help you save more by offering a 1 percent discount when you pay your bill within 30 days.

When you need Zebra barcode printers, ribbon, direct thermal labels or any other supplies, contact the experts at Tri-State Business systems. We are proud to serve customers in Edison, Trenton, Piscataway, New York City, Woodbridge, throughout New Jersey and nationwide.