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Did you know that your thermal transfer printer OEM recommends regular preventative maintenance as a way to protect against premature printhead failure and poor print quality?  Unfortunately, less than 20% of printer owners actually follow this advice – even though the printhead is their most expensive consumable and causes the most print-related problems.  Contact Tri-State Business Systems at 908-359-8001 or explore the TSBS ribbons at

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When you use Clean Start, you can also avoid unnecessary downtime and disruptions caused by premature printhead failures.  The result is less money spent on replacing costly printheads.

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Must-See Technology: Zebra’s New Barcode Scanning Innovations

Few companies can afford to overlook opportunities to improve operational efficiency and profitability, so it’s always important to evaluate your barcode scanning technologies and be aware of new developments in scanning performance.

In this article, we take a look at several recent innovations from Zebra Technologies that offer major improvements in scanning efficiency and durability.

3600 Series Ultra-Rugged Scanners

If you’re using barcode scanners in a tough environment and want to get better scanning performance and avoid expensive replacement and repair costs, Zebra’s 3600 Series Ultra-Rugged Scanners should definitely be on your radar.

Zebra’s newest scanners are virtually indestructible and can withstand everything from 8-foot concrete drops to thousands of tumbles and even a full-force hose-down.

Here’s a quick rundown of their amazing durability:

  • 23% more durable than any competing barcode scanner
  • Withstands extreme operating temperatures ranging from -4° F to 122° F
  • Can be stored at temperatures as cold as -40° F or as hot as 158° F.
  • Dustproof, spray proof, and waterproof with IP65 and IP67-rated sealing
  • Withstands drops to concrete from up to 8 feet
  • Easily survived Zebra’s grueling test of 5,000 consecutive tumbles
  • Scratch-resistant and recessed scanning exit window for extreme durability

With Zebra’s advanced scanning engine, these devices also scan 1D and 2D barcodes the first time, every time—even if a barcode is dirty, smudged, damaged, or poorly printed.

With a multi-code feature, you can also scan up to 20 barcodes with a single press of a trigger, and you can choose a long-range model that scans barcodes from up to 70 feet.

Zebra’s PowerPrecision+ smart battery technology provides power for up to 70,000 scans, including a gauge for visibility into your battery power. It’s also the first device in its class that monitors the battery’s age and ability to hold a charge.

TC8000 Touch Mobile Computer

If you’re looking for a major boost in scanning productivity, Zebra’s TC8000 touch mobile computer is a revolutionary new solution that increases worker productivity by 14% per worker per shift.

Instead of having to tilt a device to see scanning results, Zebra has placed a 4” hi-res screen atop the device’s handle, with a proximity sensor on the rear of the screen. Your workers can simply pull the trigger and simultaneously see the scanning results on the screen.

The device decreases repetitive motion by 55% and is also 33% lighter to carry than other mobile computers. The TC8000’s Android touch screen interface also enables 40% faster data entry with 60% fewer errors, and it provides up to three shifts of power on a single charge.

TC25 Smartphone Scanner

If you’re using consumer-grade smartphones for barcode scanning and struggling with having to line up and scan barcodes properly, Zebra’s TC25 smartphone device is an ideal solution.

The TC25 is a rugged smartphone that includes a built-in barcode scanner for vastly better and more accurate scanning performance. There’s no aiming or waiting required. Your workers can simply point, shoot, and capture barcodes as reliably as they would with a dedicated barcode scanning device. Plus you still get the full functionality and connectivity of a smartphone device.

Companion Scanners

Another alternative to inefficient barcode scanning with consumer tablets, laptops, and smartphones is Zebra’s companion scanners. These small, pocket-sized wireless devices pair with your other devices to provide fast, ultra-reliable 1D and 2D barcode scanning. With point-and-shoot simplicity, they instantly capture barcodes in virtually any condition.

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Quick Guide to Barcode Label Adhesives

Barcode and other labels are vital to identifying and tracking products and equipment, but they’re useless if they fall off and don’t adhere properly to the surfaces you’re labeling.

Adhesive failure can happen in a number of circumstances depending on the shape and type of surface you’re labeling and the conditions that the label must endure, such as exposure to sunlight, extreme or varying temperatures, moisture, and chemicals.

Fortunately, there are specialized label adhesives designed to handle these challenges and ensure you’re labels remain adhered.

In this article, we provide a quick guide to barcode label adhesives available from Zebra Technologies, the barcoding industry’s undisputed leader in high-quality labeling solutions and supplies.

Label Adhesive Types & Applications

Acrylic adhesive is a general-purpose solution that provides long-term adhesion and durability for most standard labeling applications. Acrylic provides moderate resistance to chemicals and UV exposure, and it works across a wide temperature range.

Rubber adhesive is another general-purpose solution and provides good initial tack. It offers adhesion to rough surfaces, but it’s not recommended for applications where you need to automatically apply your labels.

High-Performance adhesive offers higher resistance to chemicals and UV exposure; it’s often an approved label for regulated applications such as indirect food contact (FDA 175.105) and applications required UL/cUL or CSA approval.

High-Temp adhesive maintains strong adhesion at temperatures over 300°F or 149°C.

Cold-Temp adhesive will maintain strong adhesion at low temperatures down to -112°F or -80°C.

All-Temp adhesive is designed for applications that require temperature resistance, but not to the extremes required of high-temp or cold-temp adhesives. A label with an all-temp adhesive can usually be applied for use in temperatures below freezing (32°F or 0°C) and often to surfaces as cold as -20°F or -29°C.

Removable adhesive enables clean removal from most surfaces without damaging the label or the surface. One example is Zebra’s 400T all-temp label, which features a removable acrylic adhesive.

Ultra-Removable adhesive is specialized to support removal from nearly all surface types, including metal and glass, without damaging the label or the surface. These qualities make an ultra-removable adhesive ideal for labeling shelves, pallets, and even paper documents.

Multi-Removable and Ultra-Removable adhesive offers dual functionality. It provides permanent long-term adhesion but also allows for clean removal. With this adhesive, you can even remove a label, adjust its position, and reapply it. These adhesives are often a good option for labeling and re-labeling cartons, totes, bins, and shelves.

High-Tack Acrylic adhesive is specially formulated for those surfaces that are truly hard to label and require resistance to chemicals and UV exposure. For these applications, a high-tack acrylic adhesive is often a good choice. It’s commonly used in UL/CuL and CSA-compliant product labeling, automotive labeling, and other applications with hard-to-label surfaces.

High-Tack and Super-Tack Rubber adhesive combines the benefits of high-tack with the flexibility of rubber, so it is well suited for hard-to-label, rough surfaces. A high-tack or super-tack rubber adhesive works best in these applications, which include shipping labels, labeling or recycled corrugate, and wood or textured substrates.

Choosing the Right Adhesives and Labels for Your Application

To get the best labeling results, you need to choose the right adhesive, the right type of label (paper vs. synthetic), and the right printing method (direct thermal vs. thermal transfer).

At Tri-State Business Systems, we can help you make the right choices by matching your needs with over 1,000 possible combinations of Zebra labels and printing supplies.

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