The importance of quality, long-lasting printing on chemical applications using SP330 Resin Ribbon.

Chemical drums are crucial in industries that deal with hazardous substances. These drums protect the environment and individuals from exposure to harmful chemicals. The quality of printing on chemical drums plays an essential role in ensuring safe handling, storage, and transport of these chemicals. In this article, we will discuss the importance of quality long-lasting printing on chemical drums.

Compliance with Regulations:

Chemical drums are regulated by various laws, including the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). This system requires the labeling of chemical drums with information such as the product name, hazardous ingredients, pictograms, and precautionary statements. Quality long-lasting printing ensures that the required information remains visible and legible for the lifespan of the container. This compliance with regulations not only avoids fines and penalties but also ensures the safety of workers and the environment.

Clear Communication:

Clear and concise communication is essential when handling hazardous chemicals. Quality long-lasting printing on chemical drums ensures that workers can quickly identify the contents of the container and the necessary precautions to take. This information helps to prevent accidents, injuries, and even fatalities in the workplace.


Chemical drums are often exposed to harsh environments, such as extreme temperatures, moisture, and sunlight. Poor-quality printing can fade, scratch or smudge, making it difficult to read the label. This can lead to confusion and mistakes, which can have serious consequences. Quality long-lasting printing ensures that the label remains legible for the lifespan of the container, even in harsh environments.


Poor-quality printing on chemical drums may require replacement, leading to additional costs. Quality long-lasting printing ensures that the label remains legible for the lifespan of the container, reducing the need for replacements. This saves time and money in the long run.

Quality long-lasting printing on chemical drums is crucial in ensuring safe handling, storage, and transport of hazardous chemicals. It ensures compliance with regulations, clear communication, durability, brand recognition, and cost-effectiveness. As such, companies should prioritize quality printing when designing and manufacturing chemical drums.

Tri State Business Systems offers a range of Armor ribbons designed for chemical applications including SP300 and our full AXR range.

7 Reasons Hospital Labs and Pharmacies Choose Zebra’s DS8100-HC Barcode Scanners

In healthcare, virtually every workflow has the potential to affect patient outcomes—even processes that take place in areas that aren’t patient-facing, like the lab or back of the pharmacy. The potential impact on patients puts a premium on the performance, accuracy, reliability, and safety of every device, even something that seems as routine as a barcode scanner.

Healthcare providers who are focused on maximizing productivity and effectiveness often choose Zebra DS8100 Series Barcode Scanners. Zebra’s lineup includes two models that are purpose-built for healthcare: the corded DS8108-HC and cordless DS8178-HC. Both models incorporate Zebra’s industry-leading scanning technology and deliver the ability to instantly capture even the most challenging barcodes.

Here’s a brief look at seven built-for-healthcare features that make these scanners the first choice for labs, pharmacies, mobile workstations, and other hospital applications:

Unparalleled barcode scanning performance on virtually any barcode

DS8100-HC healthcare scanners combine a powerful 800 MHz microprocessor, class-leading sensor resolution, and Zebra’s exclusive PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology to instantly capture even troublesome barcodes found in pharmacies, labs and at the point-of-care — including tiny labels, curved barcodes on medicine bottles, IV bags, syringes, specimen trays, and biopsy cassettes.

Purpose-built housing protects against the spread of infection

The DS8100-HC Series uses a specially designed housing and special plastics that allow for frequent cleaning with a wide range of aggressive disinfectants used in today’s hospitals and labs. The housing even features concealed screw holes and seams to reduce the areas where bacteria can hide after a wipe-down.

Flexible feedback modes

Both the corded DS8108-HC and the cordless DS8178-HC offer several easy-to-configure feedback modes that optimize performance in any hospital application. Lab techs can select between haptic/vibration, a visual LED, or a fully adjustable beep tone to confirm each specimen was properly scanned. There’s even a Night Mode that allows users to quickly toggle between an audible beep and vibration with a quick press of the trigger.

Green LED aimer

Thanks to a highly visible and safe green LED aimer, the DS8100-HC Series is safe for use in areas where the use of laser aimers is not advised. And the green aimer and white illumination LEDs reduce the likelihood of triggering PTSD episodes.

Easily capture UDI information and blood bag data

Zebra’s exclusive DataCapture DNA tools make it easy for clinicians to capture data to help protect patient safety and improve inventory management. Their Blood Bag Parse+ feature allows clinicians to capture all the data required on every blood bag — including blood type, date of donation, donation location and expiration date — with a single scan. And their UDI Scan+ feature can automatically parse and format Unique Device Identification (UDI) information on medical device labels.

 Compact USB powered cradles fit crowded workstations

DS8100 series scanners feature a small-footprint presentation cradle that easily fits into the most crowded workstations, whether that’s in the lab, at the nurses’ station, or a mobile workstation-on-wheels.

Double-duty workstation lamp

The DS8100-HC series features a built-in lamp that can deliver spot illumination for any workspace; lab and pharmacy users won’t need additional lighting to read small labels and nurses won’t disturb sleeping patients by turning on the room lights.

Delivering the very best in care every day requires tools you can count on in every area of the hospital from patient admissions to the bedside and in the lab or pharmacy. Contact Tri-State Business Systems to learn more about the benefits of Zebra barcode scanners that are purpose-built for healthcare applications.

Is Your Barcode Solution Rugged Enough?

It’s hard out there for a barcode label.

That goes double for labels on pallets and packages moving through warehouses, fulfillment centers, and shipping operations that aren’t exactly warm and cozy. Fast-moving conveyors, constant pushing and shoving, the occasional tumble, and a range of other indignities degrade not only their looks but threaten their performance, too. And, if the rough handling doesn’t get them, dust, dirt, condensation, and a host of other bad actors are always lurking, trying to ensure they never scan again.

A trip through the supply chain might leave labels torn, smudged, covered with shrink-wrap or tape, and just generally degraded in ways that your barcode workflows never imagined. So, if you want to keep things moving, you better have barcoding tools that make the most of sub-optimal conditions, i.e., the real world.

Rugged environments require rugged solutions, and one place to start is with the barcode itself. But is one barcode format really more rugged than any other?

In many supply chain applications, the answer is yes, there are certain barcodes that are better suited to deliver results. One of these tougher-than-the-rest barcode formats is PDF417.

PDF417 is a high-density, 2-dimensional barcode format that can store a large amount of data in alpha/numeric, binary, and graphic formats. The name PDF417 is derived from the fact that it’s a portable data file (PDF) made up of four bars where each bar is 17 units long.

Like most 2D barcodes, PDF417 can pack a lot of information into a small space, with a theoretical upper limit equivalent to 1800 ASCII characters. Real-world factors limit data to the practical storage capacity somewhat, but that still allows for plenty of data for just about any distribution or track-and-trace application.

Most importantly, the PDF417 format uses built-in error correction that allows the barcode to endure a level of damage without causing data loss or impacting scanability. The level of error correction built into a specific PDF417 barcode can be varied depending on the amount of damage the label is expected to receive, giving users the ability to build additional damage tolerance into their solutions.

These capabilities create such a robust barcode format that major shippers like the US Postal Service and FedEx have adopted the PDF417 format for their postage and shipping labels.

But, even when you’re using a robust barcode format, you’re going to need ultra-rugged scanners that can withstand the same challenging conditions.

That’s where Zebra’s DS3600 Ultra-Rugged Barcode Scanners come into play.

The DS3600 series includes seven ultra-rugged scanners that are built to withstand the unique conditions and rough handling that are routinely encountered in industrial environments. Drops to concrete, spills, dust, heat, cold, rain, snow, and more — Zebra understands your scanners must survive them all. That’s why DS3600 scanners are the only devices in this class that are dust-tight, spray-proof, and waterproofed to IP68. Cordless models even include an IP65-sealed cradle for a complete rugged cordless solution.

The lineup includes corded and cordless models, plus models for standard or extended range, high-density barcodes, direct part marks, and just about any other warehouse application.

Zebra packed the DS3600 Series with the PRZM Intelligent Imaging Technology that has made their barcode technology the industry leader. Virtually any barcode format can be scanned in almost any condition — scratched, dirty, poorly printed, direct part marks, high density, and even under shrink-wrap or frosted condensation. The result is first-time, every time scanning performance that eliminates rescanning and other barcode-related slowdowns.

From robust barcodes to ultra-rugged scanners, Tri-State Business Systems can help you build a barcoding solution that can stand up to the toughest conditions.