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BarTender® Software, from Seagull Scientific, offers incredible flexibility in both the design and control of barcode labels.  BarTender® is a true Windows 32-bit application and, as such, interfaces seamlessly with both the Windows operating system and your other Windows applications.

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BarTender® Professional Edition
FROM $495

BarTender® Professional Edition delivers a wide range of capabilities, including support for over 20 Different Bar Code formats and 5 2D Codes. It delivers the label design functionality and advanced data sourcing expected by experienced label designers, yet retains the ease of use needed by first-time users.
BarTender® Professional includes many of the features found in the Enterprise Edition, but is intended for individual users (stand-alone or on a network). It can be configured on multiple workstations within a network.

  BarTender® Enterprise Edition
FROM $795

BarTender® Enterprise Edition is an extremely powerful version of BarTender® which simplifies integration with other software applications.  It includes all of the design functionality of BarTender® Professional while adding integration tools such as ActiveX Automation and a “Commander” Utility which automatically detects and responds to requests from other software applications for labels to be printed.
Its advanced data sourcing capabilities include the industry’s only SAP-certified IDoc interface!!
BarTender® Enterprise Edition is intended for network users and automated processes, and has the ability to control label design and printing across even the largest networks.