Barcode Labeling Systems

Complete Barcode Labeling Systems 

It wasn’t that long ago that barcode labeling systems were only considered practical for large manufacturers and retailers. Today, barcode labels are found everywhere. Barcode labeling systems are being used to control inventory in even small retailers. Schools are using barcode systems to track supplies and furniture. Barcode labels and supplies are being used by a broader spectrum of business, industry and government applications than ever before.

Tri-State Business Systems is here to assist you with all of your brand name barcode supplies from companies like:

  • Zebra
  • Sony
  • Datamax
  • IBM
  • TSBS and more!

We have a wide range of barcode supplies like ribbons, labels, software, scanners and printers. If you need it, we likely have it. If you don’t see it, ask for it. Tri-State Business Systems pride ourselves on our extensive inventory and access to barcoding labeling systems and supplies.

Just getting started with barcode labeling? Contact our sales department. We can help explain the ways barcode labeling systems can improve your security, inventory control and tracking. We can help put together a barcode systems that will be perfect for your size and type of organization. We work with many Fortune 500 companies and have single location clients as well. Large or small TSBS can assist you.

Discover for yourself why Tri-State Business Solutions is a leader in barcode labels, systems and supplies throughout the nation. We are Tri-State Business Solutions and we would be proud to serve your needs for anything barcode related — contact us today.