Clean Room Labels

Our partnership with Lgi  has moved TSBS into the Clean room environment with their CleanMark Products our cleanroom labels are tailored to your specifications, cleanliness worthy of your environment and has the lowest particulate emission in the industry.

Lgi has a number of labeling products that address needs specific to clean rooms & critical environments, including applications in the semiconductor, storage media, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Custom labels for your critical environment

Labeling products can be tailored to your specific application, including custom constructions and specialized materials, and are available with a variety of features relevant to critical environments, including labels designed for:

  • Class 10 to Class 10,000 cleanrooms
  • Extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • Sterile conditions

Standard, print-on-demand cleanroom labels

Lgi’s standard CleanMark® EZ-Peel Cleanroom Labels samples are available from TSBS.

  • Custom sizes are available based on specs
  • Removable or permanent adhesive options
  • Thermal transfer or direct thermal top-coat options
  • Three inch or one inch core options
  • Matte white polypropylene
  • 100% synthetic facestocks, liners and cores
  • Facestocks inert to moisture and most acids, gases and salts
  • Low-outgassing adhesives
  • Double bagged and vacuum packaged
  • Service temperature of -40° to +250°F

Buy CleanMark® EZ-Peel Cleanroom labels

CleanMark® sets the standard for cleanroom labels

Lgi’s CleanMark® labels are ultrasonically cleaned on both sides and offer the maximum cleanliness available in today’s market. Since the early 80’s we have worked with the hi-tech industry leaders in cleanroom development to produce our patented technology. We’re so confident that our products are the right choice for your critical environment that we’ve developed a checklist for evaluating vendors to see how they stack up.

Our CleanMark® line of label products include:

  • CleanMark® Labels
  • CleanMark® EZ-Peel Cleanroom Labels
  • CleanMark® Printers & Ribbons
  • CleanMark® Autoclave Labels
  • CleanMark® Cryogenic Labels
  • CleanMark® High Temperature Labels

Consistent, quality cleanroom & critical environment labels

Lgi maintains stringent manufacturing, packaging and quality control procedures which have been carefully designed and implemented to deliver the same product consistently from order to order. Our ISO 9001-2000 certification since 1996 attests to this commitment.