EZ-Peel Labels

EZ-Peel Labels 

EZ-Peel Labels EZ-Peel Labels feature a unique design with standard EZ-Peel deadened adhesive zones on both the right and left sides of each label. This makes all of the cleanroom labels that you use easy to peel and position, even if you’re wearing protective gloves while you do so.

These EZ-Peel barcode labels have a wide variety of different benefits that can’t be ignored, including:

  • EZ-Peel labels are available in five convenient sizes
  • Available in both permanent and removable options
  • Available with thermal transfer or direct thermal top-coat options 

Removable EZ-Peel Labels have a few key benefits that make them ideal for a large number of different types of situations. These include the fact that they can be easily removed from most surfaces when a particular label is no longer needed. Additionally, these labels can be reapplied at various stages to follow a single product through the entirety of the production process. The major benefit of permanent labels comes from the fact that they are highly aggressive. Once the label has been properly cured, they are ideal for long term identification on most surfaces.

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