Barcode System

Barcode System in Bradley Gardens, Neshanic, Millstone, Blackwells Mills, Montgomery & Surrounding Areas

barcode systemA barcode system is invaluable to business owners. Not only will it help to streamline operations, but it is also an excellent means of tracking inventory and preventing theft. With several systems on the market, choosing the right system for your business may seem like a daunting task, but if you are a new business owner who is looking to make your business processes more efficient, Tri-State Business Systems can help.

A good barcode system will consist of a minimum of a barcode scanner, a portable printer, barcode labels and barcode software.

Barcode Scanner – Perhaps the most important pieces of equipment in any barcode system, your scanner or scanners need to be top quality and efficient. You’ll want to choose models that allow your personnel to quickly and easily scan items for stocking, shipment, checkout, and more.

Portable Printer – While you can certainly utilize stationary printers for much of your printing, most companies find it helpful to have a portable printer on hand. Portable printers will allow you to quickly print and adhere labels to merchandise from anywhere on the property – on the sales floor, at the shipping dock, AND in the warehouse!

Barcode Labels – The labels you choose for your barcode system will depend largely on the information you are tracking, the types of materials you are adhering your labels to (cardboard, glossy paper, plastic, refrigerated items, etc.), and how long the label will be in use. Our experts can help you analyze your inventory and select the label or labels that will best meet your needs.

Barcode Software – Last, but certainly not least, you will need to use a reputable barcode software that you can rely on to track your inventory in real time. At Tri-State Business Systems, we have standard software packages, as well as custom solutions, and we can work with you and your team to get you started on the right track.

If you own a business in Bradley Gardens, Neshanic, Millstone, Blackwells Mills, Montgomery or any of the surrounding areas and are interested in learning more about implementing a barcode system for your business, contact Tri-State Business Systems today to speak to our experts. We supply many of the world’s fortune 1000 and 500 manufacturers and offer a wide variety of barcode printers, software, data collection equipment, and labeling supplies.