How to Extend Your Industrial Printer’s Life and Usability with Zebra’s ZT Series

Zebra industrial barcode and RFID printers are known worldwide for their unrivaled performance and durability, to the point that most businesses rarely replace their Zebra printers until they need new capabilities that legacy hardware can’t provide.

Inevitably, there comes a time when you need to think about replacing your aging and outdated hardware, especially if you have changing printing and business needs. But if you’re in the market for an upgrade, the good news is that you can potentially get even more years out of your next printer by investing in Zebra’s new ZT Series Industrial Printers.

Built on Zebra’s legacy for ultra-rugged durability and outstanding printing performance, the ZT Series offers a way to upgrade your printers while future-proofing yourself against replacements by providing optional, field-installable upgrades so you can add new capabilities when the need arises.

For example, the ZT Series can support both barcode and RFID label and tag printing, with the option to start with RFID capabilities or start off with a barcode-only printer and later add UHF RFID encoding with a field-installable upgrade. You can also add other field-installable options such as a label rewinder, cutter and peeler, so you can easily scale up and adapt your label printing as your business needs change.

In addition to these upgrade capabilities, another big breakthrough with the ZT Series is that it also adds more intelligence to your printer, so you get a combination of industrial brawn and future-forward connectivity, flexible configuration, and more labeling flexibility.

The ZT Series also offers both 4” and 6” print widths and can support 600 dpi printing for labels as small as 3mm. Each label is accurately printed, no matter what the size or resolution, so there’s now greater flexibility to print even the smallest labels for circuit boards, microchips or other miniature components.

There’s also complete flexibility in connectivity, with options including serial, USB, gigabit Ethernet, dual USB hosts and Bluetooth. Two open communication slots also mean you can add other connectivity options such as parallel, 802.11 a/c Wi-Fi, an applicator port, IPV6, and Bluetooth LE.

With Zebra’s Link-OS operating system, it’s also amazingly easy to configure, integrate and manage your printers, even remotely from a centralized and cloud-based browser interface. You can deploy, update and monitor any number of networked Link-OS printers with apps that simplify updates and configuration, plus simple dashboards for system diagnostics, guided instructions, and feedback.

Importantly, ZT Series printers are backwards-compatible with Zebra Xi Series Printers and their existing applications and label formats, plus current printer languages such as Zebra, ZBL and many non-Zebra languages.

Day-to-day operation of these printers is also very simple and intuitive. Simpler side-loading of media includes interior illumination to show you the ribbon and media paths, and the paths change color if an error occurs, so you can quickly locate and resolve issues.

There’s also a color graphic display that’s highly visible from afar, with easy-to-understand icons, menus, and local language support. The display turns red when there’s an error or yellow if the printer is paused, and in the event of a problem, the display also offers QR codes so you can scan them and link via mobile device to help videos to help with troubleshooting.

However, as with all Zebra printers, troubleshooting will likely be a rare occurrence, especially given the unparalleled durability and rugged performance of the ZT series.

Each printer is built with all-metal structural components and has built-in thermal management and the highest quality print mechanisms and internal components, so you can handle the most demanding print jobs in the harshest environments. These printers are proven to operate 24/7 and uninterrupted, at the highest volumes, even in places where dust, dirt, debris, and extreme temperatures typically wreak havoc on other devices.

In all, the ZT Series adds up to a truly future-proof printing solution, with a great combination of brains, brawn and adaptability that can make your next printer upgrade a truly long-term investment that you won’t have to worry about for years to come.

If getting more out of your hardware and extending the life of your devices is a top priority, then we highly recommend Zebra’s new ZT Series Industrial Printers.

To learn more about these devices, including available models, specs, options, and specialized pricing for your business, contact us now to get a quote and request more information.