Need Bigger Labels? Print Them with Zebra’s 220Xi4 Industrial Label Printer

As a long-time Zebra partner, we’ve seen customer after customer benefit from the value, performance and reliability of Zebra’s industry-leading industrial label printers. If you need 4- or 6-inch labels for shipping, product identification, RFID or just about any other application, Zebra’s lineup of ZT400, ZT500 and ZT600 Series printers deliver proven performance and lasting durability in just about any application, from the manufacturing floor throughout the entire supply chain.

But what if your label printing requirements run a little bigger? What if you need a full 8.5-inch print width or a printer than can handle a roll of 8-inch-wide labels for chemical drums, large-format product identification or other applications where the typical 4- or 6-inch label just isn’t large enough?

That’s where Zebra’s 220Xi4 Industrial Label Printer shines.

The 220Xi4 offers crisp, high-resolution thermal-transfer or direct-thermal printing that can accommodate 8-inch labels for a variety of industry-compliant large-format labeling requirements.

Most importantly, the 220Xi4 is all-Zebra right to the core. Like every other Zebra Industrial Printer, it is built to support mission-critical labeling requirements day after day and year after year under the toughest conditions. The 220Xi4 features rugged, all-metal construction. This includes a durable metal printhead mechanism that’s engineered to deliver outstanding print quality over the long haul, reducing or eliminating downtime associated with other printers that require more frequent printhead replacement.

All of the 220Xi4 printer’s operating mechanisms are designed to block out dust and dirt that are the bane of lesser printers, but all-to-common in the industrial environments for which the 220Xi4 is designed. It even features a clear bi-fold media door that gives you a clear view of remaining labels while allowing for a narrower opening radius that makes it a better fit for tight spaces.

Easy to Integrate

Like every Zebra printer, the 220Xi4 large-format label printer is designed to be easy to integrate into your operations, requiring minimal IT support. In addition to heavy-duty construction that reduces downtime, it ships with a variety of ZebraLink™ software tools that make it a snap to configure, use and maintain, including:

  • Zebra Setup Utilities — A Windows application that makes it quick and easy to set up and configure the printer right out of the box.
  • ZebraDesigner and ZebraDesigner Pro — Simple Windows WYSIWYG label design applications with basic and advanced features for virtually any label application.
  • ZebraNet™ Bridge Enterprise — Centrally manage Zebra printers from a single PC screen anywhere on your global network.
  • ZebraNet Utilities — Provides enhanced printing, conversion and administration capabilities; message management; and more.

Other features that streamline integration include a large, easy-to-read front panel that simplifies setup, a variety of network connectivity options, and built-in support for a wide range of barcode symbology’s.

The220Xi4 even offers a wireless connectivity option that frees users up from the expenses and headaches of running new wired connections to each installation.

If your label printing requirements run a little bigger than the usual shipping labels, contact Tri-State Business Systems to learn more about Zebra’s 220Xi4 8-inch Industrial Label Printer.