Answers to Your Barcoding Questions: Tri-State Business Systems

When you’re building a barcode labeling system or choosing barcode labels and supplies, the sheer number of options and choices can be overwhelming.

  • Are direct thermal printers and labels the right fit for your application, or will you need a thermal transfer solution?
  • Are paper labels good enough for the job, or will you need synthetic labels for more durability and resistance to liquids, chemicals, abrasion, or outdoor exposure?
  • Will you need a wax, resin, or mixed-ink ribbon to accommodate your print requirements?
  • How can you be sure your labels are compliant?

To get qualified answers to these questions, it pays to work with barcoding and labeling experts like our specialists at Tri-State Business Systems. We’ve been answering barcoding and labeling questions and providing expert advice for over 25 years.
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