Thermal Transfer Ribbon Trends For 2019

3 Trends that impact Thermal Transfer Ribbons in 2019

Here are the top trends you can expect for Thermal Transfer Ribbons in 2019. Find out what you need to know to stay ahead in the thermal transfer industry.

  1. Positive outlook in US manufacturing

The National Association of Manufacturers reports that US manufacturers’ optimism for the year reached 92.4%. While general purpose wax barcode labeling is common for shop floor materials management and logistics, wax resin and resin ribbons are outpacing GDP growth and are being used more for product identification. These higher durability ribbons, like TSBS Resin Printer Ribbons, perform well on BOPPs and polyesters used in automotive, industrial, chemical and outdoor applications.

  1. Rise of personalization

According to Labels & Labeling, printing solutions are expected to become even more consumer-focused with packaging personalization and customization at the forefront. How can a thermal transfer ribbon provide customization? Printing color tags and labels can reinforce brand recognition and add visual highlights using existing thermal transfer equipment. Examples of TTR customization has been seen on pre-printed labels in cannabis, personal care products and even hardware.  Looking for a custom color? We can provide thermal transfer ribbons in any exact color match. Contact us for more information.

  1. Niche market growth – flexible packaging

Smithers Pira predicts flexible packaging will grow +4%. A high percentage of packages require variable date coding and lot traceability – printed with thermal transfer, inkjet or laser. The new generation of vertical form-fill systems (VFFS) are capable of faster production speeds, greater versatility and improved sealing techniques. Thermal ribbons for flexible packaging printers that offer excellent print quality and durability at fast print speeds will remain in demand. Contact TSBS for all your barcoding needs 908-359-8001