Why Choose the Zebra ZT411 Industrial Label Printer?

First things first. Not every printer is right for every application. That’s why Zebra offers a full line of barcode printers to meet your specific needs. That’s also why you need Tri-State Business Systems as your partner to help you identify and differentiate your specific needs and get matched up with the right printer and more. That being said, allow us to introduce you to the Zebra ZT400 Series of barcode printers that addresses a broad array of applications throughout manufacturing, transportation and logistics, retail, and more. See for yourself how well it matches up to your requirements.


One thing is certain, and that’s the fact that you need an industrial strength printer that can face the rigors of a tough environment and come out smiling the other end. That’s a perfect introduction for the new 4-inch ZT411. With an all-metal frame and bi-fold door, it’s an evolution within the versatile and reliable ZT400 family of printers. It‘s engineered to meet your business needs today, and evolve to accommodate your needs well into the future. You can tailor it to your own preferences with field-upgradable RFID encoding options for either general purpose UHF RFID tags, or thicker on-metal tags.


The fact that you’re still reading this tells us that you like what you’ve read so far and you’re interested in hearing more. Good. Well, instead of listing out all the features, let us share with you the ZT411’s top customer benefits that we think will be of interest to you.


  • It Practically Sets Itself Up

Simply drop it in place, plug it in and use the free Android or Windows Printer setup utility to customize your printer configuration. The large color touch display features an intuitive interface to make quick setting changes, see printer status and create custom shortcuts.

  • It Speaks Your Language

The ZT411 supports EPL and ZPL for an easy migration from Zebra printers. And, Print DNA’s Virtual Device software is integrated into the ZT411 to emulate non-Zebra printers.

  • Changing Supplies? Easy as 1, 2, 3!

The ZT411’s side-loading print mechanism makes it extremely easy to load ribbons and labels – up to three times faster and easier than other printers!

  • It Keeps Going…

The ZT411 delivers proven 24/7 reliability even in the harshest conditions. The durable, all-metal design and expertly-built internal components ensure the longest and most reliable printer life.

  • Add What You Need, When You Need It

Set up the ZT411 with the features you need today, and simply add features right on site anytime you need to meet changing needs. Add a cutter or peeler in minutes. Two open slots let you add parallel Ethernet, an applicator interface card and more.

Like we said upfront, not every printer is meant for every application. But clearly, this printer is designed to grow with your business. So if it’s a good fit today, it will continue to be tomorrow. The good news is, you’re not on your own. If you have any questions about the Zebra ZT411 or any other part of your solution, please visit us online at www.tri-statebussys.com or give us a call at 908.359.8001.