Is It Worth It to Use Zebra® Certified Supplies?

The short answer is: yes. Of course yes! 1,000 times YES! OK, maybe that could have been shorter, but you get the point.


Contrary to popular belief, printing supplies are not an interchangeable commodity. Printing supplies can impact everything from printhead lifespan to operational efficiency. In thinking through the entire lifecycle of their devices, Zebra creates certified supplies – such as labels and tags, RFID labels, thermal ribbons, wristbands, and receipt paper – to ensure consistent, optimized performance in Zebra printers. This results in quality images being produced, consistently exceptional supplies, and enhanced productivity and long life for the Zebra printers themselves.


Zebra is known the world over for our exceptional quality, durability and dedication to thermal printing technologies. Zebra puts their expertise, insight, and reputation into everything they make, from scanners and mobile computers to printers and, of course printing supplies. That dedication starts from the very beginning…


Consistently outstanding quality

Zebra painstakingly combs through thousands of raw materials and only uses conversion processes, inks, varnishes, tools, and equipment that are optimized for thermal printing. All raw materials are subjected to a rigorous 23-point ISO 9001:2008 certified quality approval process by a dedicated team of material science experts. In addition, they subject all finished supplies to a follow-up round rigorous testing, ensuring premium craftsmanship and durability. They never substitute materials for any reason, so you get the best possible printer performance and print quality. Only the best become Zebra Certified Supplies.


Increased efficiency and productivity

Because Zebra’s printing supplies are so consistent, there’s no need to make printer adjustments between rolls when using the same media. Your workers will experience fewer hassles and require less IT assistance, reducing downtime—plus they can get more done in less time when labels consistently print, adhere, and scan properly. Think about it: if a barcode label isn’t scannable or it falls of a container, operations get interrupted, productivity and efficiency suffer, and costs rise. Finally, consider the fact that with Zebra certified supplies, wear and tear on printers and print heads is reduced, and the need to reprint and replace labels due to poor quality is virtually eliminated. When you look at the big picture, you’ll see that by choosing Zebra, you’re choosing a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).


THE Tri-State Way

The same integrity and dedication to detail that Zebra brings to the table is reflected in every experience you have with Tri-State Business Systems (TSBS). When we design and implement your RFID and Wireless system, we’re not only thinking about your site requirements, training needs and project coordination, we’re also thinking through and ensuring the success of your label & ribbon applications. Together with Zebra Technologies, we are your go-to partner to provide industry leading products, service, and support. Contact us today at 908-359-8001, www.tri-statebussys.com or sales@tri-statebussys.com